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The projektzwo® designer suit for the Audi Cabriolet

Clothes don’t only make the man but also cars: Now projektzwo® automobildesign dresses the Audi Cabriolet in a new designer suit.

The projektzwo® bodystyling programme doesn’t only fascinate with its sporty-dynamic design but especially with its aerodynamic efficiency and exact fit due to manufacturing in original equipment quality.
The Audi Cabriolet front end gets a more prominent appearance with the single-piece projektzwo® front spoiler. The front spoiler, which is offered for a retail price of 425 EUR and which is fixed on the standard bumper, doesn’t only have an optical function: Due to its smart design the lift on the front axle is reduced what improves driving stability at high speeds.

As aerodynamically efficient as they are visually stunning are the new projektzwo® convex sport mirrors with perfect rearview field of vision. The sport mirrors also feature integrated turn signals as well as an innovative ambient lighting system. Pushing a button on the remote of the keyless entry or pulling on the door handle activates the lights, which illuminate the ground next to the car, revealing any puddles or potholes hiding in the dark. projektzwo® sport mirrors for all Audi A4 models start at 355 Euros.

The projektzwo® side skirts, which cost 335 EUR, make the Audi Cabriolet look even lower and more stretched. The projektzwo® underfloor wing, which is designed to combine with the projektzwo® sports exhaust system with one chromed oval exhaust tip each left and right, doesn’t only shape a more striking design of the tail end. The lift at the rear axle is reduced due to its diffusor effect. The retail price is 345 EUR.

In addition look and handling of the Audi Cabriolet can be upgraded with suspensions and special wheel/tyre combinations from projektzwo® automobildesign.

The projektzwo® designer wheel provides a modern interpretation of the classic five star design with smooth, fluent forms. On the development of this wheel they didn’t only consider styling aspects. The professionaly engineered wheel design also has a positive effect on the stability of the rim.

The TÜV tests proved that the projektzwo® light alloy wheel has up to 12 times higher safety reserves than required. This means maximum safety for the passengers of an Audi Cabriolet with projektzwo® wheels which are manufactured in OE-quality using heat-treatment processing. The popular projektzwo® P1 Wheel is available in the sizes 7,5Jx16, 8,5Jx17 und 8.5Jx18 for the A4.
On the photo the Audi is equipped with the projektzwo® P2 wheels in current multi-piece wheel look. The new wheel is offered in sizes from 8Jx17 to 10Jx19. On the Audi Cabriolet, the 9Jx19 wheels with 235/35 ZR 19 tyres front and 265/30 ZR 19 tyres rear perfectly use the room inside the wheel houses.
projektzwo® sets of wheels with tyres for the Audi Cabriolet are available from 1.880 EUR.

Specially set-up for the use of sporty low profile tyres are the projektzwo® suspensions. The handling of sedan or station wagon can be made even more agile without impairing ride comfort using a projektzwo® lowering kit or sports chassis. In addition the look of the car gains from the lowering of the bodywork by about 20 milimeters. projektzwo® suspension kits are available from 225 EUR.

The projektzwo® high performance brake system with vented and perforated 320 x 28 mm discs, four-pot aluminium calipers and steel-braced brake hoses on the front axle provides optimal, stable deceleration even at the highest stress. The TÜV-certified system costs 2.250 EUR.

projektzwo® automobildesign also offers exquisite interior accessories like ergonomically shaped airbag-sports-steering-wheels in different versions or high-grade floormats with projektzwo® logo.
The individual desires of any Audi Cabriolet owner can be fulfilled with exclusive full leather trims.